The Willow Story

11 Years of creating




and I own ​The Willow. I am an established International Artist with a keen interest in Entomology. My home workshop is based in Morningside Brisbane and I offer a made-to-order collection of bespoke butterfly dome art pieces.

The inspiration for the domes came while on a trip to the Paris Markets…wandering through the pathways I happened upon a stall full of antique 'Domes du Marriage'  or 'Globes de Mariee' of the 19th century and was floored. I had never seen butterfly domes before and was so overwhelmed by their beauty. With an existing interested in natural curiosities, I felt utterly compelled to create my unique vision of these stunning art pieces when I returned home.


The Willow is now based in Brisbane Australia. I am a mum of two, working from my home studio and truly enjoy creating high-end, niche and stunningly beautiful products.

My domes have since been featured in Art Galleries (The LA Art Show) and publications (M2 Magazine, Home and Garden Magazine, Denizen Magazine, NZ Herald Newspaper) stocked in selected stores in Brisbane, and can be glimpsed in the occasional TV Show (Tidelands) and Lazy Boy ad !


I bring you quality not quantity and in doing so I can ensure the customer service and quality of product is maintained at the highest of levels, something I am very proud of.


Each piece takes weeks to carefully handcraft. I source the materials locally and pride myself on creating unique statement pieces. I also offer a bespoke custom made service which creates exciting and completely one of a kind pieces to suit customers' specific requirements.


If you have a custom made enquiry I'd love to hear from you!


Lisa Gordon